Victoria Rossi

Tori Rossi (born Victoria Rossi; April 23, 1993) is a 29 year old American singer. Tori was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Her father, a singer songwriter and guitarist himself, earned a living performing as a solo act in some of the legendary bars in Fort Lauderdale. Tori’s home was always filled with music. She fondly remembers listening to her father sing and play guitar, and would often sing along with her sister as their father played songs from the 70’s and 80’s. At an early age, Tori’s parents recognized her talents and began nurturing them. Much like her Grandmother who was a teenage Opera singer, Tori’s voice was extremely powerful with a seemingly endless range. At 13 years of age, Tori joined her school chorus and her love and passion of music performance grew to new heights. Harmonizing, reading music and mastering voice control came very easy and natural for Tori. During the 7th grade, Tori won the school’s version of American Idol and became known as “the little girl with the BIG voice.” Tori began to branch out into the community performing the National Anthem at charity events and at local cheerleading competitions where she also became known as “the singing cheerleader with the BIG voice.” Performing cover songs by Whitney Houston, Celine Dion and Kelly Clarkson, Tori entered and won numerous local talent contests. She soon combined her talents with the musical abilities of four other musicians and formed a progressive rock band called Persona. Playing songs influenced by Paramore, Versaemerge and Broadway, they soon became extremely popular in the local community.


After high school she dedicated her time to further her career in music and joined a cover band who performed at some South Florida venues. While still writing her own songs and recording with a local producer, she also performed at the Miami Music Festival where she met Harold Whaley of Urban Network. With Harold’s encouragement, she continued writing her own songs and performing whenever and wherever possible. After weekly trips back and forth from Florida to Georgia, she now resides in Fort Lauderdale while writing and recording in Miami. Presently, she performs with her band Vinyl, one of South Florida’s well-known 6-piece cover bands, at several venues and events including weddings, casinos and upscale clubs. Performing four to six nights each week, Tori has become not only a singer, but a seasoned performer. While singing 25-30 songs each night, she quickly captures the audience’s attention with her quirky, fun and loving personality on stage.

“The day my chorus teacher put that microphone in my little 12 year old hand and I began singing, I knew she had created a monster. I don’t think I’ve put that thing down since.”

“Looking out in the crowd and seeing all those smiling faces is an everlasting reminder that this is not just my job, it is who I am.”

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